DB 460

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With a 4.0 m³ concrete yield, the DB 460 is unique in the world of self-loading concrete mixers and the best-selling model on the market.  Agile and functional, equipped with reversible driver’s seat, four-wheel drive and steering, tilting drum system (to facilitate mixing and casting of any kind of concrete), and 360° unloading, this vehicle guarantees an extremely high daily productivity in different construction site conditions. Featuring a special drum design that ensures optimal mix homogenisation, the DB 460 models are often equipped with the CBV 2.0 option (a FIORI GROUP proprietary system for production process management and control), making them a valid alternative to small and medium-sized batching plants. The unrivalled technology of the CBV 2.0 guarantees constancy, repeatability, and certifiability of the concrete produced and includes an option for connection to the HS/BS cement dispensers, thereby ensuring a controlled, accurate, fast, and documented process.


The front steering differential swing axle, together with the larger tyres and the high pressure automotive hydrostatic transmission, facilitates driving and machine control on any terrain. Compact and easy to handle, with 4-wheel-drive and steering, FIORI GROUP concrete mixers feature impressive off-road capabilities. Thanks to their handling and excellent off-road mobility, our vehicles can be placed at the jet position in all site conditions.


The patented system for the drum rotation also allows full control over the mix directly from the cabin, combining the reversible driving with the 360° dumping. The 245° drum rotation, in fact, ensures complete visibility thus allowing the operator to check the consistency of the mix from the cabin. In this position, the drum is rotated and the machine remains compact. DB 460 are equipped with a standard ground control panel (always available to the operator) to manage, program and control water input into the drum, as well as the mixing/unloading functions and the activation of the hydraulic device for chute lifting/lowering.


The loading arm is driven by a Z-shaped auto-compensated kinematic mechanism with two lifting cylinders and two double-acting loader return cylinders: thanks to a multifunction joystick it can be easily controlled by the operator. The special design of the loader-conveyor unit makes for an easier loading of materials in the drum. A dedicated closing hatch, driven by two cylinders and easily controlled by the operator through a multifunction Joystick, has the function of dosing the dumping (reducing cement powder spillage) and releasing excess material with decrement weighing before pouring in the drum (Tip-Off function).


The equipment on the CBV version includes an exclusive and accurate dosing system (integrated into an onboard computer through which multiple recipes can be saved by storing different components for each of them), as well as an instantaneous and final checking system of the quality of the concrete. This system guides the operator during mix design preparation, assuring a high dosing precision, homogeneity in the mix and therefore an extremely strong concrete. The humidity percentage can be input and the water to be pumped in the drum can be automatically compensated so that the water/cement ratio remains constant. A specific report is printed and certifies the features of the concrete produced.


The special double truncated cone-shaped drum with convex bottom and dual-screw mixing system allows for a better material homogenisation and quality while reducing the mixing time. Producing concrete at the moment of use allows for maximum performance of the cement hydration process, therefore avoiding the typical deterioration phenomena connected with climatic factors, excessive mixing, transport times, and inevitable building site operations interruptions. The pressure sensor installed on the drum reduction gear detects the data required to



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