HS 15.0

  • Description

The HS-series horizontal silos can be used for the on-site storage and batching of cement and other materials, such as lime or fly ash. Thanks to the simple adjustable telescopic lifting supports, they are easy to transport on trucks and therefore are quickly reusable on different construction sites. They do not need concrete slabs or anchorage systems to be positioned,  nor any special permits. The FIORI GROUP HS-series cement dispensers are the ideal accessory for self-loading concrete mixers as they increase construction site productivity, eliminate dust during loading, provide a perfect storage facility for concrete, and increase batching accuracy. With standard features  including a control unit and gravimetric weighing system with load cells, the HS silos can be used in manual or automatic mode.

In automatic mode, they have a unique  Bluetooth connection linking them up to the FIORI GROUP concrete mixers, via the proprietary CBV 2.0 system. This set-up allows the operator to independently load the amount of cement required by the specific mix formulation in use directly into the concrete mixer drum, without getting out of the vehicle and with mix traceability.



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